Our companies are bold and buildable, passionate and practical.

The Health Lab collaborates with innovators and entrepreneurs to create sustainable, commercially viable businesses that solve health-related problems. Our goal is to fully support innovators who tackle an exceptional, untapped opportunity related to health and wellness. We do this by providing concentrated and dedicated mentorship to help navigate the unique challenges of a startup.

The Health Lab Difference

We are changing how traditional incubation is done.

  • Concentrated Mentorship: We are looking for 2 or 3 projects to work with. We want to be part of the day to day, and roll up our sleeves.
  • Anyone Can Apply. We widen the funnel of applicants so all great health-tech entrepreneurs have a real chance to innovate health using technology.
  • Commercial Viability. Our key metric for our entrepreneurs’ success is commercial viability, not funding.
  • Solving Health Problems. Our entrepreneurs solve problems in underserved populations as well as for general consumers.
  • Connection to Health Innovation. We have a preference for our entrepreneurs to be connected to the health innovation, meaning they have the disease or someone close to them has the disease and they have found a way to improve health.
  • Research and Testing. We have the research experience and relationships to truly test your health innovation.


We breathe life into a company.

  • Dedicated and concentrated mentorship: We’re the team you wish you had to keep things moving.
  • Minimum 18-month incubation period: We’ll work with you for at least 18 months. After that we can decide together what the next best steps are for your company. We’re here to see you succeed.
  • Funding/investment: Potential cash funding available for qualified entrepreneurial teams; assistance with grant writing (e.g., SBIR, and other government funding).
  • Legal and accounting support: LL what? We know legal-speak and can help you along the way.

  • Research/Focus Group Testing: We’ve made mistakes you can learn from to execute sound research with your products.
  • Learning through structured curriculum including: branding, pitch development, presentation skills, IP, media relations, team and advisor building, creativity, commercialization, etc.
  • Services: Human resources, telecommunications and tech support services.
  • Branding, Marketing and PR


How It Works

Do you have a great idea? We want to hear!

At The Health Lab we want you to start thinking about your idea in terms of a business. We will help to transition your idea into a livable, breathable place. That’s what we do. That’s the precise reason we only take 1-2 groups every 18 months, it takes time, commitment, dedication, and a team effort to create a viable business. Look through the benefits, and take a look at the sample areas of interest – and submit your application, deck and video – we want to hear all your ideas. Once you submit your application we will get back to you within 3 weeks if you don’t hear, please email info AT thehealthlab.com 

Sample Areas of Interest

We are open to all great health-tech ideas.

  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Adherence & Compliance
  • Care Coordination
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • EHR/EMR Enhancement

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Digital Medical Devices
  • Consumer Health
  • Wearables & Biosensing

How to Apply

We want to get to know the real you and your ideas.

Very simple process,  click on “Apply Now” and get started (it’s painless)

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