bWurtman_BWJudith is a co-founder of Back Bay Scientific, a research-oriented company that develops and commercializes innovative products that address mass-appeal health needs. These products improve the quality of life, and help people to enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives. Back Bay Scientific’s products are based on naturally-occurring compounds and have all undergone rigorous testing to confirm their efficacy. Discoveries include melatonin and Souvenaid for early stage Alzheimer’s, amongst many others. Formerly a Research Scientist at MIT, the founder and director of Harvard University’s TRIAD Weight Management Center and a co-founder of Back Bay Scientific. Dr. Wurtman received her Ph.D. in cell biology from MIT and received additional training as an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow in nutrition/obesity. Dr. Wurtman established a research career based on nutrition/obesity and has become a recognized international authority on the causes and treatments of various types of obesity. Dr. Wurtman was the founding research scientist of Internutria.

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