Sandeep Shah, founder and CEO of Skyscape Inc, founder and Chairman of Mobiuso Inc, holds the rare distinction of being a pioneer, innovator, educator, and business leader in the creation and delivery of mobile technologies for improving the quality of healthcare.

In 1993, Sandeep led the Constellation project team that developed the world’s first truly usable mobile solution for physicians. This landmark project implemented at the Harvard Medical School’s hospital established the effectiveness of providing medical information on mobile devices for use at the point of care. Much of the ideas and innovation in today’s mobile healthcare solutions originate from this seminal work.

In the ensuing years Sandeep focused on developing a portfolio of innovative technologies, and in early 2000, launched Skyscape to bring the benefits of these solutions to healthcare workers across the globe. Skyscape offers an integrated mobile information solution to healthcare professionals from an impressive portfolio of trusted resources drawn from more than 50 of the world’s largest medical publishers. Skyscape grew to include 600+ specialty specific mobile apps and more than 2.2M+ physicians and nurses as users. Skyscape was purchased by a private equity fund in 2009 and was reacquired by Merck’s Global Health Innovation Fund in 2013.

In 2012, Sandeep founded Mobiuso, a full service mobile development and consulting firm to bring the lessons learned from his 20+ years in the mobile healthcare industry to the broader business community. Mobiuso has grown to more than 5 international offices and serves several renowned companies including mHealth platform pioneers, innovators building mobile gaming solutions for disease management, platform developers enabling Android apps to run on all mobile devices and operating systems etc.

Before focusing on mobile apps and devices, Sandeep was extensively involved with operating system kernels, networking and massively parallel computers. His extensive work experience involves working with Apple, Microsoft, Digital, Logica (UK), Hitachi and Wang. His passion remains the synergistic user interfaces between humans and computing. Sandeep has also been active in teaching and mentoring of the technology community through investments, seminars, panel discussions, training programs and conferences. Sandeep also serves on the Board of Directors of several successful companies nationally including OpenMobile World Wide Inc., Guideline Central, etc.

Sandeep earned a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering (1981) and an M.Tech. in Computer Science (1984) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India.